Saturday, 10 December 2011

MICHAEL ODIBE Growing In Confidence

Super Eagles central defender, Michael Odibe says playing consistently for his club has been the secret of building more confidence in his games, but insists he has a future in the Super Eagles team and will not wait to prove what confidence has done in the recent months.

From Italy to Ukraine
Honestly, I am very happy because I was almost burned out with lots of speculation about my career but I think I have to thank God for making the move right one for me. My purpose of coming is to play regularly and prove myself at every game I played. I feel happy that I am doing well with my fellow countrymen in the league and I believe with our export into the league, we can turn things around. I understand that fact that the league is not that attractive with the likes of England and Spain, and that makes it look difficult to see what is happening there but with the recent forms of Nigerian players, you can see the prospect of the league.

Club first team shirt delight
I think I was able to convince the coach in one or two games I played after my debut and I was encouraged by the boardroom staff. Like I always says that consistency can bring out the best of any player but it does not happen in most cases. I just thank God for making things work well for me here. My coach has really given me the confidence that I can succeed in the game with my physique and I have build more confidence in the recent weeks. I always believe that I will play this game to the highest stage of my career and coming to Ukraine has something special to do in my career.

Hard time in Siena
I have so many options before I decided to joined Kiev but I told God to give me a better move and along the line Arsenal Kiev came into the picture and I was encouraged by the people that know much about the league to come here and there is no regret in that. My problem in Siena is with the coach, and he almost rubbish my career because lack of playing consistently has blocked me so many things in the national team. But I give God the glory today.

Growing in confidence
God has really helped me a lot. I don’t have choice than to learn the game and the culture as faster as possible because adapting to new life is not always easy but with the help of my colleagues here, I settled down quickly to learn the game. And apart from that, playing every week has helped me a lot in building my confidence. So I am a better player.

Form Improvement
In self confidence. By wining, you take a weigh off your shoulders, you convince yourself that you are doing things right. Before, it was a bit hard because of lack of consistently playing but now, I have conquered my fears and ready to roll. Playing consistently will served to make people re-evaluate your competent, my competent. It’s not just about the club you are playing for but your contribution to the success of the team is what people counts now and I really thank God for what I have done so far in the league.

Life in Ukraine
Yes, I love the country, though it cold but you just have to adapt to every situation in you find yourself. I learned how to make myself happy even when he going was not good. I’m learning the languages and I am communicating well with my team mates. But I don’t walk around unlike in Italy where I know every junction of the cities.

Ignoring Ukrainian models
I don’t like to shrew more than what I can bite. Of course they are all beautiful babes but you just have to concentrate on what you came you came to their country to do. If not, guy you are on your own. I look at them and admire them but I don’t give them a green light.

Scoring ability
I think my goals are plus for me. May be because I love to help the attackers but my primary assignment is to block and defend, then if need be, I take my advantage to the frontline and convert my chances and I think that was what happen why score some goals for my club but I still have eyes for more but I want to keep my shirt by doing well in every games I played.

Encounter with Joseph Yobo
Apart from playing along him on my first assignment for National team, he’s a leader I always look forward to. He was one of my role model. My encounter with him was against Sierra Leone in Lagos where we played together, before the match, he play a role of leader to me. He told me to be calm that first debut always look challenging but I got some words of confidence from him.

Undying love for Keshi
I love Keshi and Okechukwu during their playing days, especially in 1994 Nations cup and World cup. They gave me lot so inspiration in this game but coming back to play for Keshi in the national team will be a big dream I can’t wait to realize. If you look at these great players, you will know what am actually talking about in terms of ruggedness and physical ability at the defence of the Super Eagles then and I think Keshi as a coach now will be able to reinforce the team’s back four to a solid one.

Super Eagles’ return
Yes, I want to comeback to the national team and fight for shirt, not only because of my dream of playing for Keshi but with my current form, I want to prove a statement in the team. I don’t just want to be a capped and dumped player. I understand the decision of Siasia to left me out during the qualifiers but now, I am more competent than before. Yes, I want to show it.