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ODIBE: Joseph Yobo is a true legend!

One capped Super Eagles defender; Michael Odibe has shower praises on the Super Eagles skipper Joseph Yobo, describing the former Everton player as a true legend that deserves a national award.

Nigerian captain Joseph Yobo is edging closer on Nigerian all-time international appearances record after 10 years of duty with the Super Eagles.
Yobo has been called up for next month’s double-header against Guinea and Ghana, which would take his caps to 84 if he plays both games.
The 31-year old  has played in Five (5) African Cup of Nations finals to break the record held by Mudashiru Babatunde Lawal and Nwankwo Kanu who have 86 caps each.

Lawal, was the first African to feature in five African Cup of Nations finals between 1976 – 1984 while Kanu won his 86th cap in Nigeria’s final group game at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, against Korea Republic.
And Odibe, who plays for Arsenal kiev of Ukraine had once paired Yobo on his first international game against Sierra Leone at Teslim Balogun in Lagos, says the Nigerian skipper can reach his centenarian cap if given the chance with his self passion for the Nigeria team.

“Yobo has a passion for Nigeria team, he’s a true legend. I have a lots of respect for him even before I played with him.”
“Why I love Yobo is that he does not listen to critics, I could remember when media are critising his leadership in the team but today, he has turn out be a hero in the country. I think he deserve some respects now, everybody should keep encouraging him because he can still lift the country.

“He’s my role model and I am very happy for his success in the Nigerian team, but I wish to surpass this record by the time I have my way into the team".

Thursday, 29 September 2011

ONWUACHI: Eagles coaches denied my debut

Former Juventus striker Benjamin Onwuachi has finally broken silence on his international career, pointing fingers to head coaches of the Nigeria national team for not inviting him to play for his fatherland.

The 27-year-old prolific striker began his career in Regiana academies in Italy 2002, but had  opportunity to play for Juventus in 2003 following his 420,000 where he played only one game scoring one goal for Juventus FC.

"I had a good dream of playing football, and I am still thanking God for what I have achieved in the game. "A lot of people advised me to quit Juventus in 2003 because of the star studded team, and I took the advise as a young lad who have a lot to prove. 

"I had a good relationship with my senior colleague, I was advised by Trezeguet and Lilian Thuram to move to a club where I will be playing consistently before coming back to Juventus but my dream of going bank to Juventus was not materialized".

In October 2007 Onwuachi returned to Nikaia, at Ionikos, at a point where the club campaigned for a promotion in the Super League Greece. That year he played in 27 games and had 14 goals, so that he ranked 3rd in the scorer list of the division! Unfortunately the club did not achieve promotion to the first division. In the match against PAS Giannena which Ionikos won 4–1, Onwuachi scored 2 goals.

"I am an experience player who can always score goals at the much needed time, I never regretted my decision in playing every clubs I stepped into. I am a born to score striker, I have established myself at the early stage of my career and I really thank God for everything.

On 20 August 2009 he signed a 4-years contract with the newly promoted inSuper League  Greece team of AO Kavala. His first season with his new team, was excellent because he became 4th in top scorers of Super League Greece, scoring 10 goals. In August 2011, FIFA canceled his contract with the club after they failed to pay his salary for two consecutive months. On 25 August he signed with AEL Limassol in Cyprus.

"Coming to play in Cyprus was never a regret for me, I need to be happy at all time, I think am finding my joy back here, I got injured last season but I am back now, I want to help my team and also to remain at the top form throughout the season. Everything is going well for me here and I wish to top scorer list. That is my dream for now.

Speaking further on the national team debut, he said: "I don't know why I was not invited into the Super Eagles team, I think is the coach and association that denied me but I never see it as grudges because I can still be useful to them in the future.
Onwuachi has safe a lot life through his foundation both local and international and a lot of Nigerians in the four cardinal of the country have benefitted from his foundation.

"My foundation is to safe the live of so many less privileged people in the country. I think that is my part of giving back to the society where I came from. I am a proud Nigerian even though I was not recognized to wear the green white green colors but I am proud of myself and my family.


In 2009, the stellar career of Frank Temile was undoubted when Ladan Bosso invited the talented striker to Rwanda 2009 U-20 Nations Cup where he had limited chance, Temile could not make the World Cup squad lead by Samson Siasia through injury. The former Valleta striker has reveal how knee ligament almost ruin his career, but the Dynamo Kiev striker who is on loan to PFC Oleandria in the Ukranian top league remains firmly focused on the future. With 2012 Olympic soccer games on the way, the 21-year-old clearly has much to look forward to as well.
Now back to his best form, the former Malta base player who won Malta player of the year award in 2008 spoke to about his career...

Temile, it been long Nigerians have heard from you, probably after the U-20Nations cup in Rwanda 2009. What has been happening to you since?
Absolutely nothing than the grace of God, for keep me alive and fit again after my knee injury. I am happy to be alive today and I am also happy to continue my career as a young player. Well you are right that I have not feature for my country after the Rwanda U-20 nations cup. But that does not mean am a forgotten player anyway.
You played some part in the tournament, but you could shine you are expected. Was that reason you are shut of the World cup in Egypt?
Yeah, I tried my best for the team, and we all played to our best but I think you know Nigerians does not always want second or third position. They want a victorious team at all time. A lot of things affected us at the tournament starting from the day we started, most of us were distracted by the pressure on the team because most of those players were U-17 team that won the World cup and they still expected then to prove themselves in Rwanda, and football is not always like that. your form may rise today and drop tomorrow but if there is continuity, you will be able to prove better than previous game. But I cant’s say that is the reason why I could not make the World Cup team Siasia took over the team while they sacked Ladan bosso when everybody critised the team totally.
Did you have any regret for not making the tournament where you could have opportunity to work under Samson Siasia?
Of course I felt bad for not making the team despite my commitment and readiness but I never regretted not playing for Siasia in 2009 because there are still much opportunity for me to play under him in the future. I like him as a person with great potential in his profession just like myself and also respect him a lot, and working under him still possible.
Let’s flash back to the genesis of your career, can you vividly recall how you started playing foootball?
I could not recall those days but I just know that I started playing football from street like every other players. There was a particular time I remain focus on the game when I noticed school was just not for me, then I decided to concentrate more on what I know best and I thank God that I never regret my decision then.
Why did you think school was not for you?
It’s because I give more concentration to football than my education then, I always dream of the game, I never see myself as an educationist then, I never thought of it neither do I made any attempt to further my education but playing football to the highest level was my dream. But now, I’m educated enough afte coming to Europe learn lots of things about education and give it concentration on it own. I always count myself as a lucky person because it is not easy to adapt so easily lik
But how did you manage to convince your family?
That is a simple thing because my brothers also play football. I have family in football line so, it was easy for me. What I just did then was to keep my head focus.
How did you received there supports to become a successful player?
They had always been supporting me since they know that is what I feel like doing. My uncle who was really great when I was young keeps advising me on how I can beat the game to the top level. My youth team invincible Leopard was also a great place to learn football, so I will say my grass root was on a solid foundation that's why I will always be indebted to them. I received every support become a footballer. But in all, God has been my backbone.
At the early stage of your career, you went to Malta to become one of the most youngest succesful players with several awards. How will you recollect encounter in Malta?
Going to Malta was a good decision for me, it was a great encounter in my life and a good period I will never forget in my life no matter where I played for, Malta will always remain in my heart. I went Malta to access my dream of making the best out of the game, and I really thank God for the breakthrough at the end. I won the league title, I won the Cup, with lots of several individual wards. But the biggest one was becoming the best Malta league player of the year. I helped the club Valletta to win the league after seven years and also prove myself by scoring a sensational 10 goals. I really established myself in the league and I never regretted the move.
After your impressive games in Malta, you joined Dynamo Kiev in the summer of 2008 but it seems lack of first team shirt fading of the quality or what do you think?
In football it all depends on the environment, it depends on how you are given the chance to prove yourself and that kind of a thing can either improve your game or you lose your confident or form. I never had the kind of chances I had in Malta, and again Dynamo had some experience players that I need to learn the game from but at time I could felt bad because of first team shirt but I am happy that my potential is known for what it is.  If you are happy and you have your chance, anything is possible. But I believe I still more to show the team in the future if am still there. In Malta, I was playing football with so much happiness but in life things happen, I hope I bounce back to my best.
But you are currently on loan to PFC Olexandria in the same top division Ukrainian league. What is you take on that?
Of course I had to go on loan because I cannot keep seating on the bench but I think why I was loaned was because of the knee ligament injury I had that almost ruin my career, so I was loan to Olexandria for consistent playing time so that I can always keep my fitness rate and which am doing well in the team now. So I came here to retain my form after the ligament operation because I know Dynamo is going to be difficult for me to return to first team shirt. I came here because I want people to know the truth about me if truly am a good player or not. I am not happy with the way things are in Dynamo, so I have to take the best option.
What is your fitness rate now?
Ohh, am back and better to my best, am doing great now. Everything about the injury has gone and looking forward to the future.
What is your target now?
To help the club in a reasonable position at the end of the season and also to score goals. The most aspect of it is to keep playing consistently and have my way into the Dream Team IV of Nigeria. I really want to play for Nigeria and I will like the coach to have a look at my present performance for invitation into the team.
Did you think you have what it takes to play part in the Dream Team road to London 2012?
Why not? I can lead attack if the coach gives me a chance to do that. I know there are lots of players for the team which I can count myself among. I believe if the coach can be inviting players from other leagues, then I deserve a call up letter as well. And I think Austin Eguavon will deem fit to give me a chance this time around.
Away from national team, how did you cope with life without parent especially mother?
It was a bad experience for me, I don’t like recalling those feelings because God has always been with me, he has never let me alone since till now. I am happy to have grown up the way I did. God knows about everything that happen to human being in life and I also believe that his grace in my life will never depart. I think I still stay with my father, I know my father very well than my mum, at a time I was an orphan  but today I am a man of my own who is happily married with a blessing of God, baby.  I thank God for staying with me because without him, I'm nothing without. It is not that I grown up as Orphan because I still stay with my father before he passed away.
Does losing your parent at early stage made you get into marriage at early stage of your caree?
Of course I need somebody that will be everywhere for me, I am a happy man now and Give god the glory for choosing my wife for me. God has make everything about me perfect.
As a young man, how will you describe life in marriage as a footballer?
It's wonderfully nice because you have somebody caring for you while you are away. You will be able to know that you have somebody waiting for you, or somebody you care for at every time. Especially when God gives you a good wife to marry. I have seen blessing in marriage and I hope with my little boy in the garden, the glory of God will continue shining as expected.
Are you saying you are already a father?
By the grace of God, I am proud father of a baby boy, and I believe with his arrival things are even better.
How can you describe your wife?
She’s a kind of person I can live with and take as my wife with the rest of my life. I think before you take somebody to live with you for the rest of your life, she must have possese the quality of a good wife. She’s intelligent and caring. My wife and my son are the best things to happen to me in my career and she is a Nigerian.
How romantic is your wife that made you dump bachelorhood so early?
She’s romantic enough for my taste.
How will you be able to recount your encounter with Nigerian players in Dynamo Kiev, especially Yusuf Ayila?
It's great they are all great guys fun to be with and always there to support when you need help you find them. Ayila is a good guy he is kind and is ready to assist you anyway he can, he makes things easier for u, he’s like big brother you always talk to when you have problems.
What could have been your profession assuming you did not play football?
There is no way I would not have passed through football or sports as a whole. I think I would have been a coach or a journalist.
Did you think you can withstand the pressure of being a coach?
I would have learned it before going into it. I think they learn everything before they take up job, so I believe I will cope better.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011



You have been included in the 22 man list to face Guinea in Abuja for the make or mar game to decide if Super Eagles play in 2012 Nations Cup. how did you feel?I thank God for making it possible again. I also thank everybody that believes in me so much that I was included in such important games. I am so happy about such opportunity again, and I hope I reciprocate in a successful way.
What exactly is your take on the game knowing-fully that Guinea are also better side currently leading the table?
We must give them the fight and never underrate them even for the fact that we are hosting them does not make us favourite for the game. We just have to look it at a zero angle that we are battling the world. but no matter what, we are beating them to 2012 Nations cup by god grace.

You must be wary of the Guineans...
Not at all, but am just sending natural signal to my colleagues that this match is a do or die affair. We should not take it from our angle that we are better than them, instead we should take it from scratch . African football has improved a lot, though we all know we are we stand in the continent but I will not let us take it from such angle because these guineas are deadly as well. and we must remain focus to achieve our dream.

Did you hope making the starting line like you did against Argentina?
All depends on the coach but personally, I will like to make the staring line but coach decision is final. Whichever way, we will all win together and the fans will be proud of us.
How was the feeling when the coach named you for the starting line-up against deadly Aregentina squad that feature World best player Lionel Messi?
What a game to remember. I think it is a dream of every good players in the country to play against the likes of Messi, Aguero and others. I felt great that the coach appreciate my talent for unleashing me to start the game.
But you must have been left frustrated at a time you could not get the chance in the national team while scoring consistently for your club side in Europe…
Of course I was disappointed at a time I was scoring goals for my club which I thought I could have become a regular player in the national team today but still, I thank God for everything and also the coach for making it possible at last.
Even with your consistent goal scoring form in Ukraine. Did you think your place in the national team is still secured?
I believe the coach will continue giving me the chance to play in the team. I love playing for my country just like every other players wanted. And I wish to serve and lift my country to the highest of the game. I have what it takes to be a regular in the national team, and I believe the coach will give me more chance to prove myself a lot.
With the like of IKechukwu Uche, Obinna Nsofor, Osaze Odemwingie, Victor Anichebe, Chinedu Obasi, Emmanuel Emenike, Ekhio Ehiosun. Did you think you can convince the coach for regular shirt?
 Of course I have what it takes to convince the coach. I am doing well at the moment and I believe with my current form, the coach will take a chance on me for the upcoming games.
You are part of the 2010 World Cup after the late injury of Mikel before you replace him. What is your experience like at the senior World Cup?
I was happy for such opportunity even though I could not nake the starting line-up but to be there with the senior players is amazing because my experience at the 2010 World Cup will still be useful to me in the future probably at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
Did you think this current Super Eagles team can really be World Beater?
With continuity and dedication, we can become the best team in Africa and one of the best in the World. The coach is highly working to ensure that we produce the best players for the 2014 World cup, but everybody must be ready for the big job. The coach cannot do it alone likewise the players but there must be continuity in the team to ensure success at the end.

Is it true that Nigeria is a favourite country for the 2012 Nations Cup?
This is a great opportunity for us to write back our name in the golden book of record. I am so optimistic that if all things being equally and we have the best leg with committed legs, Super Eagles will rule Africa again. I am so confident that it is Nigeria’s time to lift the gold in 2012.

You always seem to score crucial goals at vital times for your club. How does it happen?
I think before a club signed any players, there must be a quality the club saw before going into negotiation, I am not trying to praise myself but I think I have the quality of scoring goals for my club. I always step out and asked myself at every games that what is my purpose in this game. I quickly find out my mission and how I can deliver at most time since it is my responsibility.
Was that one of the reason you scored two goals on your debut with Dynamo Kiev?
Waooo! What a wonderful debut. I think we all know the class of Dynamo Kiev in Europe and especially in Ukraine. The club believes in me and I was happy to show them what I am up to. Scoring on my debut was a dream I dreamt of but becoming a successful player in the league is also a target for me now.

Unarguably, you have been an outstanding player at every club you play. What is the secret?
People keep saying that but the truth of the matter is that I always stayed focus, I give myself target, I always believe that I can do much more better than what most top strikers in the world can do. I don’t doubt my ability in this game and I always put God first before everything I did. Another thing is that I take every games as if it is the end. I don’t ridicule opponents irrespective of the calibers.

With your impressive performance in the French Ligue 1, scoring 15 goals for Sochaux FC. Why did you choose to play in Ukraine among other top leagues in the World?
Scoring 15 goals for Sochaux was a fantastic one for me and the club but I choose to play in Ukraine because I always believe I can play in any league in the World. I have the talent of adapting to life and I quickly give out my best. Coming to play in Ukraine is a good one for me, even apart from that, they show genuine interest and they are serious about the deal unlike the rumored clubs.
You recently promised to score 20 goals and also aim to be the top scorer in Ukraine. Is the dream is alive?
Yes it is still alive. I want to surpass my last season 15 goals. I have a dream to become the league top scorer. I know my ability and I believe with the support of my team mates, I will achieve the dream.

Thanks for your time
You are welcome bros, time for training

Sunshine yet to pay wages to players

Following the report in the media that the management of the Sunshine Stars FC of Akure have paid their players this season’s sign on fee and their wages from the beginning of the season. Some facts have emerged that the club is yet to pay any of the players a dime.
With reports gathered inside the Sunshine stars club, it shows that the club is yet to pay the reported sign on fee despite the commitments of the players both in the domestic league and African Continent.
A top official inside the club reveal that it is highly frustrating and unprofessional after the management of the club have announce the payment of the players some months back, whereas there is nothing of such, and the players are really given their best.
“We don’t know where the problem is, whether the Governor is yet to release the money or he has not signed the payment but what I can tell you now is that non of the players have receive ten kobo from their monies which is very bad,” a source disclose exclusively.
Another source revealed that they are in darkness of the payment since they have announced that the governor had release the money.
“Who do we believe now? Everybody has been calling me over the lied payment. I don’t know where the press saw what they reported but what I know is that we have not been paid and it’s a bad situation.
“I think this is not encouraging at all. We are like slave in the club where nobody cares for our living as a professional. And this is what make most of us run to slavery deal outside the country.
Another player lamented that the club has really dealt with their career over the non payment of wages.
"We dont even know what is happening about the payment, nobody has called us to explain why we have not been paid. "My family had called me thinking that I lied to them that I dont want to do my responsibility. We are tired.

OBINNA OBIEFULE: soaring high in Malta

Nigerian hot-rising star Obinna Obiefule, the younger brother of Super Eagles midfielder Paul Obiefule is currently living a dream in Malta after failing to tie down a deal in Norway that forced his return to Malta.

The high flying striker has scored five goals in five matches and he’s been regarded as one of the deadly striker in the league following his instant measure of the game.

Obinna return to the city of Malta with Marsaxlokk FC in the last window transfer following a delay in work permit in Norway where he could not play a game for the club, but for not been stranded on the bench or turn to spectator in the Norwegian league, the talented goal poacher accepted the offer of Malta return in order to keep his fitness till the deal will be through, probably in Nigeria transfer window.
But his return to Malta has come under a return of the king, not only because his five goals in five matches but also number of assists he has made in the club. it is still in doubt if the club will allow him to move when the window reopens in January.

“It’s been a return of joy for me, I am happy to have started scoring goals for my club. I am so happy that things turns good for me immediately, Obinna explained in an exclusive interview”.
“How would it have been if I had secured my move to Norway and start scoring for the club but I think I still have a mission here that is why God made me to return. I have scored five goals in five matches for now but I hope to score a number of goals to prove why I am needed in Norway.

“I felt reluctant to return to the country after I discovered that I will not be eligible to secured my deal in Norway but instead me to wait till January and not playing football, my brother and my agent advised me to return back to Malta for fitness purpose but it seems it is turning to good for me but I don’t know if I will remain here in January.
Following the pre-Olympic tournament draw held in Egypt on Saturday, Obinna has backed Dream Team chief coach Austin Eguavon not to panic that he has a team that can do the job efficiently and he will be ready to prove a point in the team if give the chance.

“It is a tough group no doubt about it but coach does not need to be panic over it. I think Nigeria is blessed with lot of players who can make the country proud at the end. What he needs now is to return back to the drawing board and re-plan.
“I don’t know if he will be given me a chance to come prove myself this time around. I have made it clear that I am for Nigeria not for any country but I keep asking myself the day I will don my country’s colour.
“Well. Maybe this form will take me there this time around. But I will be glad for a call up.

Nigeria have been drawn against Senegal for the final Olympic qualifying tournament for Africa in November.
The Dream Team will compete in Group B against north African giants Morocco and Algeria.

Hosts Egypt were assigned to Group A with South Africa, Gabon and Ivory Coast after Saturday's draw in Cairo.