Saturday, 29 December 2012


Victor Ikpeba (The prince of Monaco) should be taught some manners of approach whenever he's anchoring on SuperSport, and see himself as role model to these guys instead of downgrading his veracity (Former African footballer of the year). The bottom line is that some of the so called ex-internationals are yearning for total constancy from the foreign based players whenever they are on international duties, claiming that they are once a player like them in the past and they want to be seen GOD FATHER (to the foreign-based stars who are currently earning more money than the ex-internationals) which I think will be difficult except the local players (who are hungry of Europe move).
West Brom striker Osaze Odemwingie who has been left out of Nigeria’s team to the 2013 Africa Nations Cup has reacted angrily to his exclusion lashing out at Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi and the Nigeria Football Federation. The Nigerian spent time on social network Twitter giving his own story and attacking anyone perceived to have played a role in his being cut from the team.
Osaze’s twitter rant was wrong!!! But he has a point at some inner digs. YES! YES!! YES!!! Because our ex-internationals natter too much especially on live programmes, reproving players WRONGLY...
And these players idolised their rising to these so-called ex-internationals but they never reciprocate it, instead they go against them in the media. It's unfair... We all know the calibre of Ikpeba but he should have remain noiseless and look for ways to end his grudge with Osaze instead of using that as prospect.
The Nigerian striker expressed disgust at having to learn of his non-inclusion through the media, insisting it showed lack of professionalism. He maintained that Keshi lied on the reasons given for his exclusion and fingered what he described as other reasons outside the game of football.
WHY DID HE SNUBBED HIM in the first place? That illustrate how bungling he is in the team. He boogies to some tones; he conferred with his old days Caber (Mafia) to DANGLES on the in-form WestBrom star. That means Keshi cannot manage some certain players in the national team (Even there are still some CRAZY players in his 32 man provisional list) but only waiting to show their SWAGGER from bench in South Africa.
I think Keshi should learn some acts from Sir Alex Ferguson who was able to manage ‘talented’ but obstinate players like Wayne Rooney and Eric Cantona as crazy as they are, baba still used them to achieve his burning desires (trophies) which is the ultimate one. That means Keshi does not have ‘CHARACTERS’ in the team because of how he got the contract. And that is why he listened to Ikpeba and co...
Keshi acts like a motor Boris that is why Osaze got the chance to pounce on him and NFF
Osaze should know by now that his service is no longer needed in the national team colours again, not even a road-side orange seller will like to see him in Nigeria colours again.
I think the guys is trying to reveal some hidden stuff which I believe will be expose sooner or later..
 “Keshi has no footballing reasons not to invite me but is not saying the truth. He is still in my plans he said haha coach u no dey my plans.
“On my non-inclusion to the Eagles list I am not surprised. Not surprised Keshi and NFF couldn’t tell me themselves. No personality!
“We talk through press hahaha how come I am the only stubborn one but no ex-Eagles player was sent off from the team with respect? This is all a comedy and our poor fans are being fed with lies while they cutting the cake for themselves.”
“NFF spokesman told MTN he is arrogant? I am arrogant? Why did country’s president threaten to close down our federation for two years?”
“Nff member just called me. Of cos got insulted. I told him I sang national anthem for ten years to be treated like this.”
In one of the several tweets Osaze complained that the national team has not had “a real captain” for many years and suggesting that it had effect on the team.
He said, “This might sound disrespectful but Eagles had no good captain for many years. Everyone looking only after himself.”
 Osaze  did not limit his outbursts to Keshi as he also dared any other challenger.
He said, “To some who wanna put mouth here please act like men. When two men talk 3rd has nothing to do. So Ikpebas and the rest talk to me face2face.”
The Eagles striker who has had several clashes over the years with different national coaches went down the memory lane as he explained all that transpired between him and a former Eagles coach Samson Siasia and Lars Lagerback. He alleged that Siasia dropped him because he did not endorse him for the Eagles top job.
He wrote, “Cos after we got Olympic silver I didn’t say Siasia is ready for Eagles he waited till he gets the job to axe me?
“Me and Apam begged him to take (Sani) Kaita in the Olympic team. He told us he wants to play Efe Ambrose there who is a centre back? Good plan. The only reason me and Siasia fell out was over kits that were not enough ‘cos they were on sale as the Olympics were on going. Shame!
  “WBA needed me back for an important game and Siasia refused to let me miss a midweek friendly game?
 “Why didn’t Lagerback continue with Super Eagles after World Cup? Chop and run was his plan and they knew it.”