Saturday, 28 April 2012

ORELESI, the unnoticed EAGLE

An explosively fast left-wing back, Nurudeen Orelesi has proved more than any other Dream Team V star in Europe this season, and has been rated among the finest Nigeria defender along with Michael Odibe who also shun like millions of stars for Arsenal Kiev in Ukraine.

But despite his explosive performance for his club that recently won the Albanian league title and also a place in UEFA Champions League play-off ticket, the talented star is yet to receive the highly rated hype unlike the ‘expired’ Super Eagles’ stars.
His work rate is also commendable and he is a willing runner into space and the channels. 
And these could be argued on his contribution to his club triumph this season.Excellent work ethic, combined with stamina and a never give up attitude has resulted in Orelesi becoming a fan favorite in Albania. A powerful, quick and hardworking defender has taken the Albanian league by storm and his success there could ultimately lead to his moving on to a bigger club.
Orelesi was born in Lagos 22 years ago and last played for local club ECO FC. Dinamo scouts watched him in action during the last Under 20 world cup in Egypt and were impressed with his tenacity, playing at left back.He remained of the finest player in the Nigeria U-23 team then, the talented defender can be remember for his net tearing goal against Germany despite the poor outing of the whole team. 
The Albanian base star who had sometimes declared his mission to fight for the Super Eagles shirt was rated among the best player in the league having made lots of impact in his team’s progress this season to claim the title and compete in European action.

Orelesi, congrats for being part of the squad that won the Albanian league title.
It’s my pleasure bros. Thank you very much

How was the feeling after claiming the league title?
Of course I was excited because we came from third spot to claim it and it was a wonderful moment for me and my career.

Your game has really improved this season, what is the secret?
I was determined to make name for myself in this country despite the low ranking of the league in Europe but I have vowed to make it real for myself that is why I always give it all at every point in time. I believe my game here will take me to the top. I never doubt that and I think with my game now, I can hit the top clubs in bigger league.

It seems you are more comfortable with the atmosphere of the country but with some clubs already on the queue for summer. Will you still like to continue it here?
I have surrender everything to almighty God. He knows the best and I will like him to direct me to the right path. Sincerely speaking, I never know what will happen because my club are desperate to offer me another deal, I mean improved deal but I am still praying to God to direct me so that I will not work in wrong path of my career.

Don’t you think the low ranking of the league still an obstacle for your Super Eagles’ shirt despite your good playing games?
I understand what you are saying bros but still I need God intervention. I know I have all what it takes to play in any big clubs and in Super Eagles but I don’t want to be faster than my shadow. I am learning everyday.  I also believe that Super Eagles call up can influence a bigger move and that is why I want to have a chance in the team and prove myself. I know I will still play in the team but I don’t know the time yet but I’m certain of playing in the team.

But Keshi doesn’t look the side of less foreign based stars with local league stars already on the card. How will you convince the coach for a call up?
It does not matter provided I can prove myself. I think the coach have good plans for the national team and it will also be good to have competition in the team so that everybody can be serious. But I can always make impact in my position.

You have played almost every game for your club this season but yet you still remain the unnoticed Nigerian star…
Everything has time and I am not desperate for that but I know my own time will surely come.
I’m happy for being part of the squad that won the title this season, the title has really boost my confidence and that is why I want to play for Super Eagles if the coach can give me a chance to fight for shirt. 

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